NASA LISA Study Team

The Purpose of the NASA LISA Study Team

The NASA LISA Study Team was established by NASA HQ in October 2017 to assist the U.S. community in preparing for the 2020 astrophysics Decadal Survey and provide input to the Study Office and NASA HQ on the LISA mission. It consists of independent U.S. scientists with expertise in gravitational wave technologies, signal analysis, and astrophysics. Representatives from the NASA LISA Study Team will be named to ESA's LISA Science Study Team, the primary science advisory body for the mission. The terms of reference for the LISA ST are available here.

The NASA LISA Study Team replaces the L3ST, which conducted studies of possible U.S. hardware contributions to LISA.

Study Team Members and Institutions

Name Institution
Jillian Bellovary CUNY-Queensborough
Peter Bender University of Colorado
Emanuele Berti Johns Hopkins University
Warren Brown Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Robert Caldwell Dartmouth College
Neil Cornish Montana State University
Mike Eracleous Pennsylvania State University
Craig Hogan Fermilab
Kelly Holley-Bockelman (Chair) Vanderbilt
Brittany Kamai Caltech
Joey Key University of Washington, Bothell
Shane Larson Northwestern University
Sean McWilliams West Virginia University
Guido Mueller University of Florida
Priyamvada Natarajan Yale University
David Shoemaker Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Deirdre Shoemaker Georgia Institute of Technology
Robin (Tuck) Stebbins University of Colorado
Terri Brandt NASA PCOS Program Office
Rita Sambruna NASA Headquarters
Ira Thorpe NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Elizabeth Ferrara, Executive Secretary University of Maryland
Paul McNamara (ESA Observer) European Space Technology Centre
Martin Hewitson (ESA/Consortium Observer) Albert Einstein Institut/Leibniz Universitat Hannover

Study Office

The Purpose of the Study Office

The LISA Study Office at GSFC is a pre-project entity that coordinates U.S. participation in the ESA-led LISA mission. Activities include participating in mission definition, developing technologies and data analysis infrastructure, and laying the groundwork for future participation in LISA by the U.S. science community. The Study Office is led by a Study Scientist, a Study Manager, and a System Engineer and is supported by a core team of scientists and engineers at NASA centers and U.S. universities.

Key Personnel

Name Institution
Ira Thorpe, Study Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Norman Rioux, System Engineer NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Sridhar Manthripragada, Study Manager NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Elizabeth Ferrara, Executive Secretary University of Maryland

Principal Core Team Members

Name Institution
John Baker NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Jordan Camp NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
John Conklin University of Florida
Curt Cutler NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ryan DeRosa NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
William Klipstein NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Tyson Littenberg NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Jeff Livas NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Kirk McKenzie NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jacob Slutsky NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Robert Spero NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Michele Vallisneri NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Brent Ware NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Peter Wass University of Florida
John Ziemer NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA representatives to the ESA LISA Science Study Team

Name Institution
Kelly Holley-Bockleman Vanderbilt
David Shoemaker MIT
Robin (Tuck) Stebbins Univ. of Colorado
Ira Thorpe NASA GSFC
Rita Sambruna NASA GSFC